Take your Teaching Skills Abroad

Join the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) as a guest instructor at one of our Global Institutes in Berlin, Cape Town, London, Madrid, Paris, or Rome. This opportunity is open to faculty at any college or university that is a member of the CIEE Academic Consortium.

The Opportunity

  • Share your expertise and strong record of teaching success in one of several disciplines: liberal arts; business; communications and new media; political science and international relations; foreign language and literature (French, German, Spanish, and Italian); and health sciences.
  • Create an environment where U.S. students interact and collaborate with faculty in the classroom and through public events, lectures, and off-site activities.
  • Improve teaching practices, and develop professional networks with academics from the host country and across Europe.
  • Connect relevant course content – taught in English, in most cases, to U.S. students – to host cultures and contexts.

The Application

The planning cycle and possible visa implications require interested visiting faculty to apply at least nine months before the start of the term in which they would teach.

Required materials:

  • A letter of introduction, including desired term/block/session and duration of proposed teaching
  • The titles of existing CIEE courses qualified to teach, or, in the case of a new course, a proposal and abstract
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Two letters of reference that speak to your teaching success and ability to connect your discipline to the local host context

Important Dates:

  • Fall Semester: Application due by December 15/ Decision by March 15
  • Spring Semester: Application due by April 15 / Decision by July 15
  • Summer Semester: Application due by August 15 / Decision by November 15

Program Duration

Each course is 45 contact hours (60 for language instruction) taught in either a 6-week block during a semester or a 4-week session in the summer. You can choose how many courses (blocks, sessions) you would like to be considered for.

Summer term: Three 4-week sessions from late May to mid-August
Fall term: Three 6-week blocks from mid-August to mid-December
Spring term: Three 6-week blocks from mid-January to mid-May


Visiting faculty will be compensated in the same range as local adjunct instructors, on a sliding scale based on experience and educational preparation. In addition, housing or housing stipend will be provided.


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